When I was starting my law practice, every decision seemed overwhelming.  Over time, after much trial and error, I have ended up with a number of tools and services that I believe allow me to serve my clients more efficiently.  I am sharing this list online with the hope that it will be of use to others.  The list is far from complete.  So, if you are looking for something in particular, let me know and I will add it. 



Laser Color Printer


Voice Assistant

Wireless Router

If you're looking solely for a wireless router, I would suggest getting this one, especially if you use an iPhone or an iPad.   If you use an Apple computer, I would strongly suggest that you consider Time Capsule, which is a wireless router with a hard disk that can be used for Apple Time Machine backups. 

Wireless Router with Storage



The 12.9 inch iPad is significantly heavier than the other models.  However, it allows you to have two apps side-by-side, or more importantly, two documents side-by-side, which is really useful.  Paying $20/month for an additional data line is also annoying but when you're at court, where there is no wi-fi, you'll be glad that you have it.  Finally, the large screen size is nice when the iPad is used as a second monitor using Duet Display software. 


Voice Recognition (Windows/PC)

Voice Recognition (Apple/Macintosh)

Write here...

Toggl Timer


I like using Toggl because it is cross-platform and the the timers synchronize across my phone, tablet, computer, and web browser.   Additionally, using Zapier, the timer makes for a great, user-friendly front-end for the otherwise cumbersome Clio timekeeping interface. 


Judicial Council Forms (Apple/Mac & Windows/PC)

Essential Forms

Judicial Council Forms (Windows/PC Only)


File Storage, Sync, and Sharing (Apple/Mac & Windows/PC)


Password Management (Apple/Mac & Windows/PC)



Practice Management

Vonage for Clio (Powered by gUnify).

Phone Service


Fax Service

SignNow (Formerly CudaSign)

Electronic Signatures

Ruby Receptionists

Answering/Reception Service


Postal Mail

Premier Business Centers

Office Space

One Legal

Court Filing Service



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