While making "cookies" with sand: 

Me: "Zeina, what are we doing?"
Zeina: "Whatever bakeries do, we do it too! Hey that rhymes!"
Me: "Yeah, we should trademark it for our sand bakery." 
Zeina: "What's a trademark?"
Me: "It's when you protect something so others can't copy you." 
Zeina: "Oh, then let's trademark 'hey, you have a spider on your head!'"
Me: "What!? Why?"
Zeina: "Then nobody will be able to say it and everyone will have spiders in their head except me." 
Me: "And me too, right?"
Zeina: "No, it's my trademark!"
Me: "Oh!"

A few hours after having been shown my place, I find myself thinking "Wait! Wouldn't a copyright have been more appropriate?"

April 21, 2015

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